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Innovative Workplace Furniture Makers

True to the adage - CREATING SMART FURNITURE, Welltuch meets innovation, functionality, and durability to design state-of-the-art workplace furniture that simplifies day-to-day tasks. We take a holistic approach to visualizing a given space to offer feasible plans and alternatives that meet your innate requirements with the capacity to meetdynamic expectations.

Exuding Endless Excellence

Ergonomic chairs

Designing your seating to support health, improve posture, and enhance productivity in the perfect balance of contemporary features and flexibility.

Responsive workstation desks

Giving a new lease of life to your work by enhancing comfort for increasing productivity with room to do more, efficiently.

Elegant conference tables

Meeting is never the same again with exclusive conference tables designed for efficiency and endless discussion with added comfort.

Multi-functional reception tables

Creating the perfect front office environment is not a fuss anymore with contemporary designs combined with the ability to perform multiple tasks without much effort.

Stylish cafeteria furniture

Lounging and chatting during office breaks is made more personal and socializing with the perfect furniture to pep up the atmosphere in the cafeteria.

Classic visitors’ chairs

Keep your visitors comfortable and charged while they wait to bring about their discussions and meetings to the table

Our Values

Transforming office furniturewith continuous research and innovation since our inception

Our core values drive our passion for helping us execute myriad operations to create a brand-new version of office furniture, inspiring us to continue upgrading our skills to scale satisfaction levels.

Experienced Designers

Our enriching experience deliver impeccable results.

Professional Management

Our approachable attitude gets your work done faster

Holistic Approach

Our in-depth expertise ensures efficiency with enhanced durability

Exclusive Customer Service

Our customer-centric service helps resolve your issues without hassles


A closer look at our achievements that showcase our excellence in the corporate furniture domain.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

OHSAS 18001:2007


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Creating office spaces beyond the conventional types.